4 design and collaboration lessons learned from Improv

Three shadows of performers on a theatre stage.
Three shadows of performers on a theatre stage.

To be a design lead, you’ve got to speak up and share your point of view in meetings when you have an opinion. As an introvert, I personally struggle with saying what’s on my mind. I’ll wait til I have all the words perfectly formed in my brain. By the time that happens the conversation has typically moved on and I don’t get an opportunity to share. Wanting to grow–I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

As a way to stretch myself, I thought I’d take an improv…

How to use “hero and villain” profiles to guide design feedback

Co-written by Chrysan Tung and Maggie Buck Armstrong

We’ve all been there. You spend weeks agonizing over your work. You think through every scenario and option.

Now, it’s time to get feedback from the team…

Designer 1: “I’m confused.”
Designer 2: “Yeah, I don’t like it.”
Designer 3: “You should do a notification instead.”

Exhibit A, Designer after a rough critique

And now, it’s time for your soul to suffer a thousand deaths.

Recently, we’ve been using feedback “profiles” to illustrate how critique can be helpful or hurtful. We call them “Good Feedback Heroes” and “Bad Feedback Villains.”

In an offsite, we shared these Hero and Villain…

Maggie Buck Armstrong

Product Designer @ WW

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